When is Less More

Just for today can you tune into what brings you pleasure? No, what really brings you pleasure?

Do you need to rest? Do you need to exercise? If you didn’t sleep well last night, what might you do to help you get a good night’s sleep tonight? Do you feel lonely? Or do you need more alone time?

Do you need to push yourself or lie back a little today? How about food? Take a minute. Check in to see what your body really needs in terms of nourishment. Or relaxation. Or stimulation.

Is it time to take a day off? Or would you feel better abandoning the comfort of procrastination and getting to work on that project you are excited (and maybe fearful) about.

Can you pause right now to tune into what you’re really feeling and thinking. Then, can you do just one thing that will make you happy. Just one little thing — whether it’s indulging in a 10-minute nap in the afternoon or putting 15 minutes into the project you keep pushing to the side.

Just for today, maybe less is more.