What is Ideokinesis

Kinesis is motion, here defined as physical movement induced by stimulation of muscles…. Ideo, the idea, the sole stimulator in the process, is defined as the concept developed through empirical mental processes. The idea, the concept of movement is the voluntary act and the sole voluntary component of all movement. Any further voluntary control only interferes with the process of movement and inhibits rather than promotes efficient performance.  – Lulu Sweigard, Human Movement Potential 

Sharon studied Ideokinesis for many years in the mid to late ’80’s with Nancy Topf on Leonard Street in Tribeca. Nancy’s work included improvisation embedded in and initiated by Ideokinetic practices. We imagined anatomical shapes, structures and joints as the impetus to dance.

This work continues to exert a profound influence on how Sharon understands, sees the body and teaches movement.

This work is an awesome path to self-discovery and learning how movement feels. Sharon can help you find the inner sense of right placement inside your body. She can help you discover how to easily move your body within its own architecture and to respect your own limitations. Every person, every body is unique. Sharon tries to meet you where you are. She looks and listens to you, to see you, your body and your unique movement strategies. Sharon’s keen eyes and years of experience can help you heal your present injury, and just as importantly, help you learn how to prevent in the future, too.