Post Graduate Studies in Physical Therapy and Yoga

Besides years of training in dance – ballet, modern, improvisation and contemporary practices and Ideokinesis and Release Techniques with Nancy Topf, Sharon also studied yoga at the Integral Yoga Center in NYC for many years throughout the 1980s. She studied at Kripalu in Lenox, Massachusetts for many 3-5 day periods over many years. In 2000, Sharon took a sabbatical from work to engage in a month-long teacher training and immersion in Interdisciplinary Yoga at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck. Part of that training included 2-4 hours of daily practice of Feldenkrais & Somatics movement explorations, which is the reason why Sharon chose Interdisciplinary Yoga (now called Self-Awakening Yoga) over other yoga trainings. Interdisciplinary Yoga was very dance influenced as well. Sharon Gary has been all about alternative and integrative practices since the beginning of her career.

Sharon has also found deep comfort and insight into the Buddhist writings which have developed in the US and UK. Over the past 20 years, Sharon has tried many different styles of meditation – from Zen to Insight to Tibetan practices. She adopted Insight or Vipassana because they make the most sense to her.

Since becoming a Physical Therapist, she has also has taken many post-graduate courses in different areas of Physical Therapy – from neurological developmental treatment (NDT), to Shirley Sahrmann’s work, Myofascial Release, Positional Release, manual mobilizations for neck and spine, neurodynamics for radiating pain, orthopedics and more. Below is a list of these courses.

2015 – Positional Release Techniques. Instructor: Leon Chaitow, DO.

2015 – Fascial Dysfunction (what happens in myofascial release on a cellular level). Instructor: Leon Chaitow, DO.

2015 – Breathing Pattern Disorder. Instructor: Leon Chaitow, DO.

2013 – Functional Applications in Pelvic Rehabilitation: Part A. Instructor: Kathe Wallace, PT, BCB-PMD.

2013 – Therapeutic Exercise Part A: Restoration of Neuromotor Control for the Cervical Spine. Instructor: Melanie Byford-Young, BHSc, PT

2012 – Clinical Neurodynamics – Lower Quarter. Instructor: Michael Shacklock, FACP, MAppSc, DipPhysio. Neurodynamics are also known as neural glides or nerve flossing, essential tools for sciatica and back and hip pain.

2012 – Clinical Neurodynamics – Upper Quarter. Instructor: Michael Shacklock, FACP, MAppSc, DipPhysio. These neural glides aka nerve flossing are essential tools for cervical radiculopathy or for neck-arm radiating pain.

2009 – MT-2: Basic Spinal Seminar. Instructor: Christopher Showalter, PT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT (Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy Seminar). Targeted cervical, thoracic, lumbar, lumbar-sacral gentle mobilizations to aid in healing and opening tight and/or painful levels in the spine. Amazingly effective in the treatment of neck pain, upper or middle back pain and lower back pain.

2009 – Attended IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) SYTAR conference with 3 days of classes. Instruction: international leaders in the Yoga field – covering healing, teaching, breath work and other aspects of yoga therapy.

2007 – Integrating Iyengar Yoga into Rehabilitation for People with Neurological Disabilities. Instructor: Dalia Zwick, PT, PhD.

2007 – Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy Lab Intensive: The John F. Barnes Method. Instructor: Molly McMillan.

2004 – Current Concepts in Management of Shoulder and Elbow Disorders in Athletes, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons.

2002 – Pilates Mat Certification for Health Care Professionals. Instructor: Cynthia Trenton.

2001 – Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes. Instructor: Shirley Sahrman, PhD, PT, FAPTA.

2000 – Components of Movement and the Principles of Neurodevelopmental (NDT) Treatment. Instructor: Lois Bly, M.A., P.T. One week intensive course. This course with the amazing Lois Bly is arguably the best physical therapy course I’ve ever taken.

2000 – Certification in Interdisciplinary Yoga – a one-month immersive yoga training at Omega Institute. Instructors: Amba Stapleton and Don Stapleton, PhD, Dean of Kripalu Yoga. Studied pranayama, chanting, breathing, chakras, bandhas, Somatics and Feldenkrais-based exercises and movement explorations to include play and somatics in a Yoga practice.

1999 – Introductory TAMO Workshop in Perceptuo – Motor Organization for Movement. Tscharnuter Akademie For Movement Organization. Instructors: Ilene Sperling, MS, SLP/CCC and Lisa N. Scher, PT.

1998 – Emotional & Developmental Challenges of Infancy & Early Childhood: Clinical Approaches to Assessment, Diagnosis and Intervention. Instructor: Stanley Greenspan, MD.

1998 – Sensory Integration, Applied Behavioral Analysis & Floortime: A Combined Approach of Ayres, Lovaas & Greenspan. Instructor: Jeannetta Burpee, OTR/L.

1997 – The Knee: 1997 Symposium on Diagnosis and Management. Instructors: Various MDs lecture-slides on their various specialties.

1996 – Current Concepts in Knee Reconstructive Surgery. New York Medical College. Instructors: Various MDs and PTs.

1995 – Introduction to Muscle Energy Technique sponsored and taught by faculty at Ursa Foundation.

1994 – Muscle Evaluation and Function. Instructor: Florence P. Kendall, PT.