NY Physical Therapist

When it comes to NY Physical Therapists there are a great deal of options. After all New York is a big city, with a lot of therapists and a lot of variation in quality. A very typical NY Physical Therapist experience entails waiting, a brief consultation, having a few exercises assigned, then being taken to a workout room where you are to perform your therapy alone without the presence of a NY physical therapist. If this sounds less than ideal it’s because it is. A quality NY physical therapist honors appointment times to ensure none of your time is wasted. They would devote a good deal of time to discussing and understanding your unique condition, and be physically present to watch you perform the assigned exercises – crucial for ensuring that you are doing them correctly and safely. This is exactly what NY Physical Therapist Sharon Gary does.

Using an in-depth process Sharon spends the necessary time to listen to everything you are experiencing. In many cases however knowledge of physical therapy is simply not enough. This is where Sharon truly stands out as a NY Physical Therapist. On top of a solid foundation of physical therapy, Sharon Gary has a deep understanding of yoga as well as dance training. Which allows her to incorporate exercises and techniques simply not found in other NY physical therapist’s offices. The additional benefit is if you practice yoga or dance regularly outside of your NY Physical Therapist visit, Sharon will give you unique modifications and corrections that can carry over into your daily practice, ensuring safety and a faster recovery. So on top of the therapy you end up with what is essentially a private class!

There are also conditions when manual mobilizations of the neck or spine or massage therapy is required, something not all NY Physical Therapists are skilled in. This is another area where Sharon’s intuitive sense truly shines. Combined with her training in myofascial release she often seems to locate all the problem areas in a very natural and fluid manner.

Not only do I feel better but with Sharon’s guidance I’ve been able to take my yoga and ballet practice to a whole new level. – Filip Olszewski

The integrated approach which Sharon Gary uses for Physical Therapy allows her to specialize in many different conditions. Whether you are suffering from sciatica, back pain, hip, shoulder or knee pain Sharon is a NY Physical Therapist that can truly help set you on the path not only to recovery, but to being stronger and healthier than before.