Holistic Physical Therapy NYC

To get relief from chronic pain, a multi-dimensional approach is the best way to go. You may already know that your pain changes with your stress levels, whether mental, emotional or physical. Most likely pain goes up with increased stress and down when you relax. For instance, you may find near or complete relief from your discomfort on long weekends or when you’re on vacation.

This is where integrative and holistic practices like Yoga Physical Therapy come in. Learning to feel the breath in the body is a subtle yet powerful tool to restore health and integrate mind and body. It’s a way to investigate and gain understanding within your own experience of how your mind and body work together. It’s key in working with pain. Mindfulness practices bring awareness and acceptance – sometimes even surprising and powerful realizations – to aid in your recovery from acute or chronic pain, especially neck and back pain.

Sharon Gary of Yoga Physical Therapy, one of the best integrative and holistic physical therapy practices in NYC, integrates healing exercises and activities with mindfulness breathing to open, relax and work deeply in healing your pain.