Dance Physical Therapy

Sharon Gary at Yoga Physical Therapy provides state of the art dance physical therapy to dancers in NYC who experience acute and chronic injuries. She works in the heart of Manhattan with beginning to professional dancers, from ballet to hip hop.

As a middle aged dancer, Sharon Gary gave me a set of
integrative and holistic tools to find a new strength in my body
that will allow me dance for another forty years!
– Sarah Skaggs, Artistic Director, Sarah Skaggs Dance

A dancer before getting into physical therapy, Sharon has first hand knowledge of the challenges dancers face in their careers. Combined with over 20 years of experience as a physical therapist, Sharon Gary is the one you can trust your body to.

Sharon has an intuitive, experiential approach to healing.  Combined with a deep life-long study of the body and its injuries, Sharon Gary at Yoga Physical Therapy can help you find, then heal the imbalances and/or problems which may underlie your injury.

A keen observer of the human body at rest and in movement, Sharon is able to home in on the smallest of movement details, whatever your preferred form of dance or movement.

Sharon Gary takes the time to watch you as you perform your warm-up, barre, repetitive movements and choreography. She can pinpoint a dancer’s unused range of movement, weaknesses, where and how unstable joints might be problematic, as well as where the dancer may be pushing past her own body’s limits in a harmful way. Not only will you gain more knowledge about your body at Yoga Physical Therapy, you will learn how to prevent injury and what to do should you re-injure.

Sharon Gary offers you an effective, comprehensive approach to healing. With her vast knowledge of the body at rest and in movement, Sharon helps dancers heal.


With her highly trained eye
and her training in dance and yoga as well as standard PT,
Sharon Gary is capable of picking up subtle problems in movement patterns that are often missed by other therapists.
Beth Franzese, Advanced Certified Rolfer, NYC