What Is Mindful Physical Therapy

Sharon Gary helps you unlock the doors to healing. With over 20 years of experience as a licensed Physical Therapist, most of them incorporating yoga and other integrative approaches, Sharon is expert in evaluating the source of your pain or injury. More importantly, she knows what to do about it.

Whatever your Physical Therapy issues are, Sharon’s years of experience, intelligence and personal attention will help you feel better in the short run and even transform the way you relate to your body in the long run. -Milod J.

An innovator in the field, Sharon Gary is among the first Physical Therapists who began melding Yoga into her practice.  She also folds in movement ideas from Feldenkrais, Somatics, all kinds of Dance and Physical Therapy to create a unique and powerful healing experience with excellent results. Yoga Physical Therapy combines mindful breathing with targeted exercises to stretch, strengthen and heal the body. By combining the principles and practices of Yoga and Physical Therapy, Yoga Physical Therapy can help you achieve your desired outcomes, whether it is

  • first and foremost, to recover from acute or persistent, chronic pain,
  • to heal from surgery or injury,
  • to improve your posture and overall strength,
  • to relieve tight or tense muscles,
  • to deepen your understanding of your yoga practice
  • or simply to relax your body, your mind and your emotions from the stresses of everyday life.

Who benefits from Mindful Physical Therapy?

You do not have to be a yogi or athlete to benefit from Yoga Physical Therapy. People from all walks of life have benefited from working with Sharon Gary. Using this delightful and innovative approach, she has helped many to recover from pain and injury, even people who have suffered from years of chronic back pain.

With Mindful Physical Therapy you can learn to move from the inside out. Learn to use your breath to relax your body. Did you know that mindful breathing can enhance your experience and pleasure in stretching and strengthening exercises? Learning to target the breath in your body, intentionally and mindfully, exponentially increases the effectiveness of exercises. It allows you to go deeply into the body — right to the source of pain. Using a mindful breath with intelligence can greatly relieve pain and soften tightness. Sharon Gary is an expert in evaluating the sources of pain and injury and knows what to do about it.

A typical session with Sharon might include specific manual techniques to effectively help you release tight and painful tissues. Next, you will be instructed in therapeutic exercises, which incorporate mindful and targeted breathing. This process is key to supporting your body’s innate healing capacity. Discover how to feel the breath in your body. Discover how to knowledgeably use your breath to foster deep healing. When you learn to work in this way, the muscles, body and mind respond profoundly. You begin to heal and find a new balance within.