Therapeutic Exercises

Sharon has a unique way of blending the scientific and the creative. -M. Quan

Besides hands-on healing, Sharon Gary brings many other therapeutic techniques to the table.

Learning to use a mindful breath is the key to healing. It helps to soothe and relieve stress and fatigue. Informed, conscious breathing takes your exercises, stretches and movement to a deeper level.  Learn to tune into your breath. It will support your body’s innate healing capacity.

Sharon Gary, a NY Physical Therapist, will lead you to discover how to feel the breath in your body to foster deep healing and a sense of well-being. Your muscles, body and mind respond profoundly when you learn to work this way. You begin to heal and find a new balance within.

Sharon adopts many techniques to help you heal, including movement strategies, exercises and postural principles from the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Ideokinesis, Yoga, Dance, Improvisation and Pilates.

  • Balance exercises
  • Core stabilization
  • Exercises on therapy ball
  • McKenzie’s exercises
  • Neural glides and mobilization — key approach to alleviating radiating pain
  • PNF exercises
  • Theraband exercises

Yoga — If you are a Yogi, learn which poses are helpful and which might be hurtful to your condition. Learn how to approach postures with greater ease and improved alignment and awareness. Learn to avoid common mistakes in your Yoga practice. If you are new to Yoga and want to begin a Yoga practice, Sharon can help you get started. With Sharon Gary, you will learn the fundamentals, based on sound anatomical principles, to build a healthy, joyful practice.

Sharon Gary is expert at finding the right blend of stretching and strengthening exercises to meet you at each stage of rehabilitation. She constantly seeks out new ways to move the body and even discovers new exercises with you to support your healing.