Physical Therapy for Modern Dancers

Modern dance can take its toll on the body just like any other movement discipline. Sharon’s background in modern dance gives her an in-depth understanding of what modern dancers and performers need. She can help you tweak your technique so that you are working safely and with intention. She offers an incredible depth of knowledge and experience. Sharon will incorporate breathing techniques and movement exercises from other disciplines for cross-training. She offers effective and restorative manual work to relieve pain and injury. Most importantly Sharon helps each modern dancer deepen her understanding of her own body. By working to find new ways to move, you can work with less overall stress and tension in your body. Not only does this support your healing, but you may happily discover a new ease in your dancing. These new awarenesses have lasting effects, and you will be able to prevent injury before it happens.

Sharon Gary’s Modern Dance Background

  • At UT Austin, Sharon studied Modern Dance with Sharon Vasquez and Yakov Sharir for 3 years.
  • To enhance her training, she also studied with Dee McCandless and Bobbi DeAngelis at Dee McCandless studio in Austin, TX (Dee danced with Laura Dean in NYC before setting up shop in Austin).
  • Studied with Kate Fisher and Kay Francis Braden at Dance Associates in Austin, TX.
  • Workshops in Bella Lewinsky technique with Bella, a West coast choreographer. Ms. Lewitsky studied and danced with Lester Horton.
  • Master Classes with Martha Graham Dance Company dancers.
  • Workshop with Bill Evans – guest teacher at UT Austin. Evans has worked internationally in the field of somatics-based dance technique and began to integrate of Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals with modern dance technique in 1976.
  • Month-long summer workshop with Robert Small, choreographer and former dancer with Murray Louis Dance Company.
  • Lynda Davis, former featured dancer with Bella Lewinsky. Professor Emeritus FSU. Studied with Ms. Davis in several workshops, including a two week one at TWU Denton, Texas 1981.
  • Westbeth NYC. The Cunningham Studio – Cunningham technique – 1982.
  • Soho NYC. Ruth Currier and teachers – Limon technique.

Please feel free to contact Sharon Gary for more information or to set up an appointment.

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