Dance Physical Therapy

Dance, regardless of style, is a study of the body’s architecture and the relationship of each body part to itself, to other parts of the body, to the room, the air surrounding the body, and the relationships between people. It includes a deep knowledge of line, energy, weight, gravity and breath. Sharon provides dance physical therapy to all kinds of dancers with acute and chronic injuries, from beginning to professional levels.

As a middle aged dancer, she gave me a set of integrative and holistic tools to find a new strength in my body that will allow me dance for another forty years! – Sarah Skaggs, Artistic Director, Sarah Skaggs Dance

Sharon was a dancer before getting into physical therapy. She studied with Deborah Hay, Pam Pribisco, Bill Evans, Bella Lewitsky and many others. These long years of study and dancing provided the foundation for her understanding of the body from inside out. Her studies in yoga and physical therapy deepened and refined her knowledge, too. Taken all together, these studies make Sharon a keen observer of the smallest of movement details, including subtle qualities (a la effort/shape) as performed by each individual, whatever her preferred form of dance or movement. Sharon takes the time to watch you as you perform your warm-up, barre, repetitive movements, even choreography. She can pinpoint a dancer’s unused range of movement as well as where she may be pushing past her body’s limits in a harmful way.

Sharon Gary’s unique approach and knowledge of the body at rest and in movement would be useful to a dancer of any technique. Accordingly, she has specific expertise in the following areas:

Please feel free to contact Sharon Gary for more information or to set up an appointment.

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