A Typical Physical Therapy Treatment

Sharon Gary spends one hour of uninterrupted Physical Therapy time with you, and only you, at her office in midtown Manhattan at 19 West 34th Street. If you prefer, she will travel to your home or office in New York City.

There are no insurance companies dictating your Physical Therapy.

On your first visit Sharon will take a detailed history of  your pain and injury followed by a physical exam. Your posture, movement patterns, areas of pain, weakness and tightness are evaluated. Together with you, an appropriate treatment plan is initiated. Within this same session, we begin your Physical Therapy treatment.

Your feedback is critical throughout all stages of healing and treatment. We work to include all aspects of your injury and pain. Perhaps you have back pain, knee pain and neck pain. With Sharon, you will be treated for them all together. Chances are that they are interrelated.

In subsequent Physical Therapy sessions we will focus on your progress. What is working. What is giving you trouble. Sharon will answer any questions you may have about the exercises. Next, we might review and tweak your existing exercises before moving onto new ones. Sharon will work with you to include the emotional aspects of pain by listening to you, guiding you to breathe into pain and tightness, helping you to discover what makes it worse and what makes it better. You are the expert. This Physical Therapy is for you. You set the pace of your healing.

Using hands-on treatment and gentle exercises with supportive breathing to bring your body back into balance, Sharon Gary brings you the best of traditional and cutting-edge techniques to help you heal.

Effective healing exercises are carefully selected to treat the symptoms and sources of pain. You will be instructed in how to perform them for optimal effect. We will work on strategies to improve your posture sitting at the computer. We will evaluate your computer/desk/work station ergonomics, even your sleeping habits. Your feedback along the way is crucial: it is the guide to advancing you through the stages of healing.

Healing massage and other manual techniques are employed when necessary to help alleviate tightness, pain and imbalance. Neuromuscular techniques are also adopted for healing. They include PNF, strain-counterstrain and neural glides/flossing.

Almost everyone responds wonderfully to deep relaxation and meditation techniques to unwind tension and pain in their bodies and minds. Some patients want their Yoga practices tweaked. You would be surprised how much faulty alignment can impede any exercise regime, including Yoga. Some patients need strengthening with Physical Therapy exercises. Some need arch supports or heel cups. Almost everyone benefits from this gentle, effective integrated physical therapy approach.